Book 3


A showdown is inevitable.
Who will triumph?

Who will live and who will die?


KHAKI = KILLER, Book #3 in THE COLOR OF EVIL series, resumes where Book #2, RED IS FOR RAGE, left off. Tad McGreevy and his high school classmates at Cedar Falls’ Sky High Lab School once again grapple with life and death issues as high school graduation looms at the end of their senior year.

Khaki = KillerFor Melody Harris Carpenter—the tiny cheerleader who suffered a serious injury during the re-scheduled Homecoming football game at the UNI Dome (end of Book #2)—the risk of death is real—not only for Melody, but, for her unborn child. Will Melody recover from her devastating fall? Sean Carpenter, Melody’s mother and father, and Sean Carpenter’s parents stand vigil as Melody fights for life.

 And Melody is not the only character facing life or death challenges.

Familiar characters from Books #1 and #2 reappear: Charlie Chandler, Andrea and Jenny SanGiovanni, Angie Yancy and Scott Turgasen, Heather Crompton and Kelly Carter, Officer Friendly Lenny McIntyre. Innocent lives hang in the balance as escaped serial killer Michael Clay targets Tad McGreevy, the boy with Super Tetrachromatic Vision— the young man who “sees” the crimes of those with “the color of evil” (khaki) in his nightmares. Janice Kramer and Stevie Scranton, (who became a couple in Book #2), are also grappling with life-changing events. Heather Crompton and Kelly Carter are in peril.

The return of Michael Clay to Cedar Falls can mean only one thing: death.

As the characters  near the end of their high school careers, they face obstacles, challenges, dangers and, ultimately, choices that will change their lives forever.

Reviews of Khaki = Killer

[su_quote cite=”William F. Nolan” url=””]Here is book three in Connie Wilson’s award-winning paranormal thriller series, following The Color of Evil and Red is for Rage. The story is set in a high school in Cedar Falls, Iowa, and the complex plot involves a serial killer, kidnap victims, a pregnant teenager, a dying girl, a climatic Mano-a-Mano fight on a bridge, a collapsing staircase, and a main protagonist (Ted McGreery) who possesses a special power (Tetrachromatic Super Vision) that allows him to read good-or-bad auras.

Wilson keeps the action moving briskly in a tight time frame from December of 2004 into June of 2005. Having been a teacher for more than thirty years, she knows her subject. (Her first book, in 1989, was a volume on teaching.) Says Wilson: “My true inspiration for this book was a double homicide that took place in my real-life setting of Cedar Falls.” Wilson’s Style is non-intrusive, grounded and smooth. It more than gets the job done in holding a reader’s attention from front page to last. I’d advise you to grab a copy of Khaki = Killer for yourself and one for the teenager in your family. Trust me, you won’t be sorry. [/su_quote]

[su_quote cite=”Kirkus Reviews” url=””]A troubled Vietnam vet kidnaps two teenage girls in this fast-paced thriller, the third in Wilson’s THE COLOR OF EVIL series. It’s a lot of action for a novel that clocks in at less than 250 pages, and Wilson is mercilessly efficient in resolving various conflicts…. The idea that Hunter, a PTSD-stricken veteran, might commit a horrible crime in a misguided attempt to assuage his loneliness is intriguing….Wilson sprinkles the novel with staccato strings of words. The book has all the elements of a compelling mystery and an inventive paranormal twist….one must credit Wilson for treating her teenage protagonists with respect, as they face down adult dilemmas and resolve them with maturity and grace. A promising premise….[/su_quote]

[su_quote cite=”Amazon Comments”] “You’ll want to read the whole series.”

“Did you ever get that stomach feeling,not exactly like gnawing (that’s hunger) but uneasiness at the constant tension created by this marvelous book. KHAKI = KILLER is a continuation of THE COLOR OF EVIL series, and it is a worthy 3rd book in the series.”

“There are just some stories that stick with you and Connie Corcoran Wilson’s do just that. From the moment you open the first page you’re sucked into this other world where you’re never sure if that sound you heard was just outside your window or just in your head. I loved every page of this book and you will too!!!!”

“I have to know what happens to everyone. The book was full of drama, terror and intrigue. But also full of characters with deep friendships and relationships and also a dose of humor thrown in. The book was extremely well written and I was never bored. The story flowed smoothly even though there are lots of characters to keep up with. I was invested in knowing what would happen with every single one of them. The book kept me riveted to the page. I had to know what would happen next. SO much so, that it only took me a few days to read all three books in the series. ” [/su_quote]